by Pamela Ann Davis

The Time Travel Adventures of Alex Randolph and Harriet Woodworth
A Series of Novels and Screenplays for Feature Films*

The Tempis Chronicles is a series of time travel adventures featuring contemporary American teenagers, Alex Randolph, and Harriet Woodworth. Alex is from an upscale Los Angeles family. His father is a lawyer, his mother an art history professor; he has a younger sister, Megan. Harriet is a musical prodigy, the spoiled and headstrong sole child of an eminent orchestra conductor. Her mother died in an automobile accident when she was eight years old.

Through their several fast-paced and exciting time travel journeys, they begin to glimpse an extraordinary and mysterious destiny in the course of their encounters with some of history’s most fascinating characters at those moments when their choices could change the course of local and even world events. During their exploits they will brave terrors and heartache, experience love, loss, and danger, explore the occult with magicians, adepts, and sorcerers, and risk everything in feats of gut-wrenching heroism. Each of Alex’s adventures brings to light one or more of humanity’s most important, controversial, and mystical artifacts which he secures and safeguards for a time in the near future when their secrets are at last to be revealed to the world. Harriet’s mission is to break through the shell of self-protection she erected around herself after her mother’s death and discover her capacity for love and joy and in so doing help others to find theirs.

*All of The Tempis Chronicles adventures will be produced as both novels and screenplays.

ALEX RANDOLPH AND THE FIRST PORTAL – synopsis of the novel and screenplay

In this first episode of The Tempis Chronicles, Alex spontaneously and suddenly travels back in time to the last day of the Civil War. He has no time to adjust to this unexpected and frightening event before he finds himself fleeing for his life through the night into a terrifying forest where he is confronted with the fortuitous but dangerous opportunity to rescue a runaway slave, Morgan, from a cut-throat gang of slavers. Within a day Alex and Morgan are taken prisoner by General Littlefield of the Union army. Convinced by Alex’s incredible story and the tangible proof he provides plus his incontrovertible foreknowledge of President Lincoln’s impending assassination, the general determines to get them to Washington, D.C. in time to prevent Lincoln’s murder. At the onset of their journey, little do they imagine the perils that loom between them and their goal. Nor can Alex anticipate the romance and the heartbreak that await him or the stunning denouement at the end of his heroic odyssey.

ALEX RANDOLPH AND THE SACRED KEY – synopsis for a novel and screenplay

Within a year after Alex’s courageous but futile mission to save President Lincoln, his father dies of a sudden heart attack. To cope with her grief, his mother, Diane, accepts a teaching and art restoration position in Rome and moves there with him and his younger sister, Megan. In the little known Chiesa della Sacra Chiave (Church of the Sacred Key) where his mother is restoring a painting thought to be perhaps a lost Botticelli, Alex bumps into the mysterious Sandro who offers to help him elude his overbearing tutor who has pursued him to the church. Alex follows him down into the crypt and from there through a series of tunnels and catacombs to a heavy door. When they push through to the other side, they find themselves in Rome in July of the year 1500 and in immediate danger from the henchmen of the Borgia pope.

They take refuge in the villa of Sandro’s friend, the lovely Angela, former mistress to the late Lorenzo dei Medici, aka Lorenzo the Magnificent. Angela has a beautiful and daring daughter, Delfina, who frequently dresses as a boy to have the freedom she is denied as lady-in-waiting to Lucrezia Borgia. That night under the Roman moon she captures Alex’s heart.

The next morning Alex discovers that Sandro is the renowned Botticelli himself, and later that evening in the home of his friend, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro is revealed as Alex’s biological father and a time traveler from whom Alex has inherited the genetic anomaly that predisposes him to time travel and a vulnerability to energetic vortices.

When Alex happens to witness the attempted murder of Lucrezia’s husband, the Duke of Bisceglie, by a group of assassins headed by Lucrezia’s own infamous brother, Cesare Borgia, Alex finds himself in mortal danger. His flight from Rome with Sandro takes him on an odyssey of high adventure, romance, mortal danger, and a mystical journey into the world of an ancient oracle with da Vinci as his guide. Will Alex escape the dungeon of the Borgias, and will he find the strength and wisdom to solve the mystery of the sacred key?

A detailed treatment exists for ALEX RANDOLPH AND THE SACRED KEY.

ALEX RANDOLPH AND THE CROWN OF THORNS – synopsis for a novel and screenplay

In order to eventually translate for himself the text of the rare and ancient Aramaic bible he retrieved from the catacombs of ancient Rome (the sacred key to the hidden teachings of Jesus of Nazareth), on the weekends Alex has been studying Aramaic with a professor from UCLA. When his mentor is invited to go to Jerusalem for a summer study program to work on a newly discovered Dead Sea scroll, he gets permission for Alex to come along as an intern. On a narrow road outside the city Alex’s car is run off the road, Alex is thrown from the vehicle, and when he regains consciousness he finds himself in Judea under Roman rule in the custody of the kindly centurion Baro who, to protect him, takes him to his house in Capernaum on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. There he is kept as a “slave” until Baro can decide what to do with him.

Alex is planning to escape when he meets Livia, the centurion’s beautiful invalid daughter, a gentle girl with haunting eyes and the depth and wisdom often found in those who have suffered much in childhood. They are instantly drawn to one another, and Alex is pondering staying for awhile when he is called upon to serve at a dinner given by Baro for a number of his neighbors among whose number is the Nazarene rabbi, Jesus. When Alex learns the identity of the gentle, charismatic teacher speaking quietly with Baro’s guests, his mind is made up. Now he must stay—at least until he can speak privately with the teacher to warn him of his impending betrayal and doom.

After Jesus raises Livia from the dead, will Alex escape the cruel treachery of Livia’s suitor, the evil Captain Mallius? Will he manage to save Baro from descending into madness and death in the aftermath of the crucifixion? Will Alex escape from Mallius and the dangers of post-crucifixion Jerusalem to make it safely back to the present?

A longer synopsis exists of ALEX RANDOLPH AND THE CROWN OF THORNS.

FURTHER ADVENTURES are planned for Alex, taking him through his college years, approximately one adventure per year.

HALLELUJAH HARRIET! – synopsis for a novel and screenplay

Harriet Woodworth, an adolescent tomboy and musical prodigy, has come to London with her father who has been invited to conduct the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Harriet, the recipient of a prestigious award for outstanding young musicians, is to perform a violin solo with her father conducting. Left alone in their suite at the Dorchester, she tires of practicing and leaves the hotel to wander about. She finds herself at the old church where George Frideric Handel used to play the organ often on Sundays, and here she hides until the church is closed and she can make her way to the organ loft where she begins to play a Handel organ concerto. Absorbed in her playing, she does not notice the blustering arrival of a man in 18th century costume rushing toward her angrily shouting with a German accent, “What are you doing here, boy, and why are you playing my music? This is a composition I have not yet finished!”

When he demands her name, she replies, “Harry,” the nickname favored by her family and friends. Handel roughly grabs her arm and pulls her into the street, where he orders her to go home and stop stealing people’s music! Lost in eighteenth century London, as Harry, the servant boy, she begins to work in Handel’s house and in his music shop on the street level. She sees little of him as this is the period during which he is composing the famous “Messiah” oratorio, and she is careful to avoid him as much as possible after experiencing his legendary fits of temper, drunkenness, misogyny, and dark moods.

Handel treats Harriet harshly much of the time, but while she fears him, she also develops a grudging fondness for him and deep admiration for his genius. The oratorio completed, Handel takes his key musicians and Harriet with him to Dublin where the oratorio is to be premiered as a benefit. There one of his musicians, a violinist, gets into a brawl in a pub and is injured too severely to play. Handel is in a rage, knowing there is no time to find and rehearse another musician. At this key moment, Harriet offers to take his place, assuring him that she knows every note. Handel is first outraged then stunned to find that his “servant” is a first class violinist, who plays the part perfectly for the premiere.

Back in London, Handel sends Harriet with a delivery to the residence of the mysterious Count St. Germain, who reveals that he knows she is not a boy and furthermore that she is lost in time. Enormously relieved to find a sympathetic and understanding ear, Harriet tells him everything, finishing in tears of despair. Swearing her to secrecy, the count explains that he can help her return to her father when she has accomplished what she came for, but he does not tell her what that is.

Will Harriett discover her “mission” with Handel? Will St. Germain help her to return to her father? Or will she remain to become Handel’s prodigy?

A Harriet Woodworth Time Travel Adventure
Synopsis for a novel and screenplay

Harriet Woodworth is on vacation in Venice, Italy prior to meeting her father for a series of European concerts. One afternoon when she joins a few friends on a sailboat on the lagoon, a storm comes up suddenly, and she is swept overboard by the boom hitting her on the side of the head. Moments later the sailboat capsizes. She is about to drown when she is rescued by fishermen and taken semi-conscious and suffering from amnesia to the Ospedale della Pieta where the nuns nurse her back to health…in the summer of 1716! There she soon meets Antonio Vivaldi, the renowned composer and virtuosic violinist, who is the teacher of the famed musicians of the Ospedale. These orphaned or abandoned girls, educated by the nuns and trained by Vivaldi to become superior musicians, are much sought after as wives.

Though Harriet at first does not remember who she is or anything about her past, she has retained her ability to play the violin, a skill much improved by her period of servitude and training with George Frideric Handel. Vivaldi is impressed and soon designates her as one of their foremost students, giving her the unprecedented honor of playing a key violin role in Vivaldi’s famous oratorio, Juditha Triumphans, in January, 1717. Her honored position gives her special favors and privileges, such as a command performance and vacation at the home of Ferdinando Montoya, a rich relative of the doge. Ferdinando has a son, Marco, a brilliant painter and poet recovering from wounds sustained fighting for Venice in the siege of Corfu in the summer of 1716, and while Harriet is falling in love with him, her memory gradually returns. She wins the hearts of the entire Montoya family, and soon they are planning her wedding to Marco. Revitalized by his love of Harriet and her unshakeable faith in him, Marco finds the strength to resume activities he once enjoyed but had given up. With him, Harriett has discovered a depth of love and a sense of purpose strong enough to induce her to give up her dream of musical fame, a sacrifice she is willing to make even when Marco’s grandmother, a celebrated strega (white witch), hints that there is a magic path home to her father. However, one day when Marco and Harriet are out riding, his horse stumbles and he falls, hitting his head and sustaining a grave injury.

Will Marco survive and marry Harriett or will she in turn succumb to the mysterious malady which only a faraway, exotic remedy can cure? With the passing of Marco’s grandmother, will Harriett ever find anyone with the arcane knowledge to help her reach home and her father?