by Pamela Ann Davis

A PsychoScientific Documentary Television Adventure Series

What is LOST HISTORY FOUND, the series?

All over our planet are remnants from humanity’s distant past which for centuries have stumped and mystified even the most acclaimed historians, archaeologists, engineers, and others, defying everything we think we know about ancient civilizations. If only we could pierce the veils of time, if only we could travel back into the past as observers…Well, now we can! How? By employing one of the most powerful and least conventional tools applicable to historical and archaeological mysteries—psychic remote viewing, a technique long used with stunning success by the Defense Department and law enforcement agencies nationwide but still unfamiliar to the general public. Now, however, drawing upon the amazing abilities of several of the world’s most skilled and carefully tested psychic remote viewers along with an impressive group of experts, Pamela Davis will visit mysterious ancient sites worldwide to reveal at last many of their most persistent and baffling secrets.

At each target location her team will examine the prevalent lore and theories associated with it. For this and other kinds of exposition, opinions, data, and background, she will interview noted authorities such as archaeologists, historians, engineers, physicists, epigraphers, authors, teachers, and researchers as well as local people acquainted with the colorful lore of the location. This process will raise thorny questions and expose the baffling mysteries of the site and the inadequacies of the traditional interpretations that have been largely inconclusive and unsatisfactory…interpretations that must now inevitably change. We’re about to hear stories, see into other levels of reality, and witness the past in ways we could scarcely imagine before!

Controversy? We can count on it! The remote viewers are sure to reveal information that flies in the face of orthodoxy— conventional archaeology, traditional history, and/or orthodox religion. This is a certainty, and it will intrigue and delight many viewers while challenging others, all of which will be the stuff of great publicity, will stimulate widespread discussion, and grow the viewing audience…an obvious plus for sponsors.


Pamela Davis is one of the creators and funding partners of The Alexandria Project, the most ambitious and successful experiment ever conducted in the esoteric field of psychic archaeology. Using the combined expertise of scientists, historians, and archaeologists with the skills of the most highly respected remote viewers, she and her team were able to make dramatic and ground-breaking discoveries in and around Alexandria, Egypt—discoveries featured on the front pages of over 200 newspapers around the world. Now, expanding her field of exploration, Pamela has assembled a team like no other, including foremost scientists, historians, researchers, best-selling authors, and artists together with outstanding multi-skilled remote viewing psychics to join a unique and thrilling global adventure of discovery. Their jaw-dropping findings and insights into the ancient past will be brought to life for the first time for television audiences through the visual magic of CGI, dramatic re-enactments based on the first-hand, on-camera descriptions of the psychics, and blueprints based on the on-site sketches of a skilled intuitive artist.

This documentary series will…

  • Prove that important segments of our human history are quite different from the conventional versions we have been required to accept as truth/fact;
  • Make a case for the validity of myth and legend as repositories for ancient knowledge;
  • Demonstrate the awe-inspiring power of the human mind to pierce the veils of time and space to discover suppressed, lost, or forgotten facts through the creative application of enlightened research and the disciplined use of remote viewing, a psychic ability innate within us all.