by Pamela Ann Davis

A Multi-part Documentary Series

Was there really an historical King Arthur?

Most definitely yes, and not only one but two! King Arthur I lived in the fourth century A.D., and King Arthur II lived in the sixth century, both in Wales. Their lives and exploits are extensively described and recorded in numerous ancient British (Welsh) histories. The focus of this series is King Arthur II and his incredible and heroic expedition to present day New England and the southeastern United States.


One of the most powerful tools to apply to historical and archaeological mysteries is also one of the least conventional—psychic remote viewing. Pamela Davis is one of the creators and funding partners of The Alexandria Project, the most ambitious and successful experiment ever conducted in the esoteric field of psychic archaeology. Using the combined expertise of scientists, historians, and archaeologists with the skills of the most extensively tested, accurate, and experienced remote viewers, she and her team were able to make dramatic and ground-breaking discoveries in and around Alexandria, Egypt—discoveries featured on the front pages of over 200 newspapers around the world. Now expanding her field of exploration worldwide, Pamela has assembled a team like no other, including scientists, historians, researchers, best-selling authors, and artists together with outstanding multi-skilled remote viewing psychics to join a unique and exciting adventure of discovery to be filmed on location in the UK and US, solving one of history’s most intriguing and persistent mysteries—the records of the sixth century North American expedition and the location of the mortal remains of King Arthur, the magnificent Pendragon!

This documentary series will…

  • Prove that important segments of our human history are quite different from the conventional versions we have been required to accept as truth/fact;
  • Make a case for the validity of myth and legend as repositories for ancient knowledge;
  • Demonstrate the awe-inspiring power of the human mind to pierce the veils of time and space to discover suppressed, lost, or forgotten facts through the creative application of enlightened research and the disciplined use of remote viewing, which is a psychic ability innate within us all.

King Arthur in America draws upon a vast pool of research as well as a formidable team of experts to reveal historical records and to locate and explore existing ancient structures, inscriptions, and other remnants of King Arthur in America. Taking the investigation of history to a new level, they will work alongside our outstanding remote viewing psychics to discover never-before-seen-or-heard details of this remarkable and little known “Arthurian” expedition which took place in the last half of the sixth century.